Pay & Allowance Indian Army – How much is the salary in the army


Pay & Allowance Indian Army Pay Scale 7th CPC It means a lot to soldiers. According to the 7th CPC, the salary allowance is increased for those soldiers who give their services in very difficult areas. Pay Scale 7th CPC has been implemented after several recommendations from the Central Government. Now the allowance of soldiers has been doubled through the Central Pay Commission. And according to the rank, there has been a lot of change in the salary. In today’s time, the youth find it more interesting to join the army because you can see that army job is a very secure job where you get a good pay scale and a lot of facilities are given.

How much is the salary in the army - Indian Army Pay & Allowance
How much is the salary in the army – Indian Army Pay & Allowance

Pay & Allowance Indian Army Pay Scale 7th CPC

As you must have seen that there are different posts in the army i.e. different salary is given for each post. Even if you are posted in any Naxalite area, you will be given allowance accordingly. And your grade pay is also included. It is very important for the youth who are dreaming of joining the army, from which military post they will be paid their salary. Today through our article we will give you Pay & Allowance Indian Army Pay Scale 7th CPC ,what is the salary in army Will tell about Read the article till the end to know the candidates.

7th Central Pay Commission CPC

Article Pay & Allowance Indian
Army Pay Scale 7th CPC
Departmentdepartment of defense
commission7th Pay Commission
CPCcentral pay commission
Official website

What is 7th CPC?

The Central Pay Commission is a commission which makes recommendations to increase the salary of its employees every 10 years. by government 7th pay commission The recommendations were accepted with effect from 29 June 2016. Which has been implemented with effect from 1 January 2017. According to research, in which 50 lakh government employees, 58 lakh pensioners, a total increase of 23.55 percent was done.

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What is Allowance?

Do you know what an allowance is? Allowance One type of salary is the allowance given by the government for different activities. in which your expenditure is more. Soldiers are given allowances in such a way as house rent, transportation facilities are given. In the Indian Army also, a soldier is given different allowances from the salary of every month in different ways. like –

for kit maintenance400 rupees per month
transportation allowance1600 to 3200 rupees
special forces9000 rupees
on parachute9000 per month
Flying Pay1200 rupees
siachen14000 rupees
for high altitude deploymentRs 5600

Pay & Allowance Indian Army Pay

Post basic salary military service salary full salary
Constable520026,900+DA+Other Allowance
hero25,500520030,700+DA+Other Allowance
sergeant29,200520034,400+DA+Other Allowance
naib subedar35,400520040,600+DA+Other Allowance
subedar44,900520050,100+DA+Other Allowance
Subedar Major47,600520052,800+DA+Other Allowance
lieutenant56,100 to 1,77,50015,500DA+other allowance
Captain61,300 to 1,93,90015,500DA+other allowance
Major69,400 to 2,07,20015,500DA+other allowance
lieutenant colonel1,21,200 to 2,12,40015,500DA+other allowance
colonel1,30,600 to 2,15,90015,500DA+other allowance
brigadier1,39,600 to 2,17,60015,500DA+other allowance
Major General1,44,200 to 2,18,200DA+other allowance
Lieutenant General1,82,200 to 2,24,100DA+other allowance
Lt Gen+HG Scale2,05,400 to 2,24,400DA+other allowance
Lieutenant General2,25000 fixedDA+other allowance
general2,25000 fixedDA+other allowance

Indian Army Pay Scale 7th CPC

You can understand the salary of Indian Army through the table given below. According to the 7th CPC Matric table, you can know that according to which rank, how much salary allowance is increased. Now it is very easy for you to understand this.

Army Pay Scale 7th CPC Some questions and answers related to
What is 7th CPC?

The Central Pay Commission is a commission which makes recommendations to increase the salary of its employees every 10 years.

What is the full form of CPC?

CPC की FULL FORM- Central pay Commission

Is the benefit of Central Pay Commission provided equally to all eligible soldiers?

No, through the Central Pay Commission, the benefit of allowance is provided to the soldiers in different form depending on their post and rank.

Which soldiers will be given the benefit of 7th CPC?

The soldiers who render their services in difficult areas are provided the benefit of allowance through 7th CPC. [प्रदानकियाजाताहै।

7th CPC is related to which department?

The 7th CPC is related to the Department of Defense (Department of Defence).

What is Allowance?

Allowance is a type of allowance given to a state and central government employee, in which allowance will be issued to you for different activities. Along with this, the soldiers are given a monthly allowance for living, transport, apart from the salary.

How does 7th CPC work?

7th CPC is a government commission which makes applications to increase the salary allowance of government employees after every 10 years.

Is salary allowance given to everyone in the Indian Army?

yes every soldier salary wage Are being given. But let us tell you that this allowance is not given equally. For this, the deployment of the soldier is given keeping in view the middle eye.

When was the 7th Pay Commission implemented?

The 7th Pay Commission was implemented on 1 January 2016.

Is the salary given according to rank and post?

Yes, they are paid according to the rank and rank of the soldier.

How many posts are there in the army?

Indian Army 17 ranks as per total posts in would have Is. So in total there are 17 terms.

Through this article we have provided you Pay & Allowance Indian Army Tried to give all necessary information regarding If you want to know anything more about this, then you can tell us through the comment box given below. Apart from this, if you have any questions, you can also ask them. We will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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