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‘Journal’ is the following film of Arul Nithi who is continuously zeroing in on thrill ride stories. The Diary Movie Download film is presently getting rave audits in the media. While discussing the narrative of this movie, Dinamalar site has censured that “Chief Innasi Pandian just thought the story distinctively and forgot about the screenplay”. Concerning story of this Diary Movie Download film, “Arulnithi is going to finish his Sub-Inspector police preparing.

The unrivaled says that the student can take one of the uncompleted cases from the chronicle and examine. Arulnithi picks a case blindfolded. An instance of theft and murder happened quite a while back in Ooty. He goes there and starts his examination. He goes to examine a case and tracks down replies to numerous secrets. What they are is this ‘journal’,” says Dinamalar.

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T-Block’s Tejavu Diary Movie Download film was viewed as OK. The twisty last part of the Diary Movie Download film makes me say that Diary is superior to Tejavu. Arulnidhi has turned into the James Bond of Tamil Diary Movie Download film’s wrongdoing thrill ride. Assuming that the chief says that it is a wrongdoing spine chiller story, he is giving a total Diary Movie Download film with a low spending plan. Here we will find exhaustively what the notes of the journal which has been delivered as such a Diary Movie Download film this week.


All unconcluded cases are apportioned independently to those anticipating situation as Assistant Inspectors. Varadhan takes up a homicide case that has not been settled for a very long time. It makes him travel towards the first light. One evening, Varadan enters a transport conveying individuals from different foundations. Who are individuals on the transport; who is the executioner; What is the connection among Varadhan and these individuals, they have moved the Diary Movie Download story and disentangled the riddle hitches individually.

Diary Movie Download 480p, 720p Important Point

Directed byInnasi Pandiyan
Written byInnasi Pandiyan
Produced byS. Kathiresan
Pavithra Marimuthu
CinematographyAravinnd Singh
Edited byS. P. Raja Sethupathi
Music byRon Ethan Yohann
Five Star Creations LLP
Distributed byRed Giant Movies
Release date26 August 2022

Diary Movie Download 480p, 720p Important Point

What is the account of the journal?

A journal implies telling old recollections. That is the tale of the Diary Movie Download film. Legend Arulnidhi, who finishes his SI preparing and assumes responsibility as a cop, takes up the instance of a posse of looters that has stayed tricky for quite a long time. Then again, there are a wide range of countenances going in a transport with various origin stories. Like the thirteenth house, the thirteenth clasp twist frequently has mishaps. How do these three stories converge?Is this a phantom Diary Download film? Or on the other hand a spine chiller? That is the story.


Arulnidhi as an aid. It is the fourth police Diary Movie Download film in his vocation. The previous ACP, Constable is in the job of Assistant Inspector this time. Be that as it may, there isn’t a lot of contrast in tone of power. That is all he puts on four individuals. Entertainer Pavitra Marimuthu made her introduction as another Assistant Inspector Pavitra. Pavitra, who makes a sensational section by crushing somebody in the principal scene, has no large scenes after that. In another scene composed only for the battle, Arulnidhi shows up in his place and closures the battle.

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“Arulnidhi has gained notoriety for giving specific consideration to picking stories for herself. She would have picked this Diary Movie Download film similarly. Notwithstanding, the chief has tricked Arulnidhi with a couple of scenes in the screenplay until the break. It appears to be that Arulnidhi has not perused the journal composed by the chief in full. There are no significant pages for her. Arulnidhi enters the field solely after the break.


Subsequent to going to Ooty and beginning the Arulnidhi examination, in the event that you anticipate that the Diary Movie Download film should go from an alternate point, the film goes endlessly round like a needle drinking spree in Ooty. A significant part of the Diary Movie Download film that should be valued occurs before the peak. It’s simply something we didn’t expect by any stretch of the imagination. We could not have possibly expected such a leap forward in Tamil film Diary Movie Download up to this point. On the off chance that the whole film had been considered that defining moment, ‘Journal’ would have provided you with a ton of recollections,” Dinamalar scrutinized.

Arulnidhi is fitting

As an up an incomplete cop case in his grasp, Arulnidhi moves into the transport and kicks the cheats, with a powerful break that accompanies a contort that makes the Diary Movie Download film fascinating. Who is Arulnidhi, who are the travelers going in this transport and what sort of paranormal mishaps are occurring in that clasp twist, the chief tells us with next to no deficiency of interest.

There are numerous entertainers in the Diary Movie Download film. They likewise have their own different histories. But since the visual frameworks don’t have similar strain as composing, they pass by without having any effect. Sams makes everybody snicker in only a couple of scenes. Shah Rao is about representations and twofold entenders. Be that as it may, just chuckling didn’t come anyplace. Kishore and Sembi show up on the title card. However, even numerous seniors like Jayaprakash and Ajay Ratnam come in such appearance. Among them, just Ranjana Nachiyar’s job has been composed a little emphatically.


The Tamil site of Indian Express magazine says that ‘Journal’ is a story in view of a genuine occurrence in China. “Journal is another kind of ‘ghastliness spine chiller’ never told in Tamil Diary Movie Download film. Journal depends on the narrative of the secretive transport 375 that purportedly occurred in Beijing, China in 1995,” the site said.

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Assuming that the main half is wonderful, the last part is normal, the Diary Movie Download film won’t run by any means. In any case, in the event that the final part is more fascinating than the main around 50% of, the fans will feel fulfilled when they leave the theater. Arulnidhi’s film Diary offers it a decent chance. It is the assessment of the fans that the Diary Movie Download film would have been exceptional in the event that somewhat more consideration was paid to the principal half as well as the last part.

A few movies test the primary half and the final part streams. A few Diary Movie Download films leave you hypnotized in the main half and calmed to rest continuously half. ‘Journal’ is the primary class. In the main a portion of, the characters are getting presented as transport travelers. It happens till the break which exhausts us eventually. Debutant chief Innasi Pandian has blended 1,000 classes like loathsomeness, spine chiller, dream and activity in one Diary Movie Download film. Hence, there is a hole where classification the Diary Download film is going towards.

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The chief’s long periods of battle for this ghastliness thrill ride is apparent on screen also. Arulnidhi’s exhibition is improving. The three tunes made by Ron Ethan Yohan are lovely to pay attention to and watch. The ambient sound is additionally alarming. Cinematographer Arvind Singh has gone about as one more chief as the story for the most part happens around evening time, particularly in a transport. The workmanship chief has likewise stirred up bygone era materials in a legitimate manner.

A ton of bunches, the chief succeeds fairly in disentangling it impeccably. The generally existing person presentations and sorts are sufficiently not and the ESP arrives in almost no time. It makes us think ‘shut our eyes now’. Essentially, even after the bunches were loosened and the responses were found, they kept on stacking the scenes as ‘I will make sense of further’.

Music by Ron Ethan Yohan merits paying attention to. Supervisor Raja Sethupathi might have cut a few scenes in the main half. Arvind Singh’s camera, both in the confined space of a transport and in the bends of Ooty, adds a hint of show to the story. Craftsmanship Director Raju’s persistent effort is apparent in the running old government transport and the 16 year old run down transport.

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Aside from Arulnidhi, novice entertainer Pavitra, Shara, Jaya Prakash, who assumes the part of a cop in the Diary Movie Download film, likewise go back and forth. Shara attempts to get chuckles by telling two sided connotation wisecracks. In any case, all that turned out poorly. Surya’s Mass otherwise known as Masilamani is a major less to have a brief look at the picture. Generally speaking this Diary Movie Download film is a treat for thrill ride darlings.

Too, “In the main portion of the Diary Movie Download film, the plot of the Diary Movie Download film gets pace from the second everybody begins going in the transport, however it requires an investment to present a portion of the characters and their experience into the story.

A startling turn halfway through the Diary Movie Download film leaves watchers confounded with respect to whether the film is a “spine chiller or ghastliness”. The chief makes the crowd who come to the seat after the span sit at the edge of the seat for the rest of the Diary Movie Download film. To that degree, the screenplay in the final part goes energetically.

Until the peak of the Diary Movie Download film, the secretive bunches that tumble from one spot to another leave the watchers in wonderment. On top of this, the contort at the peak of the film provides individuals with the fulfillment of watching a quality thrill ride,” says the Indian Express site. “The screenplay of the last couple of pages written in this ‘journal’ adds weight to it,” says the audit of the Hindu Tamil Vektik site.

“The plot of the film is truly intriguing. Particularly, the last arrangement of the Diary Movie Download film is exciting yet exciting. The most recent one hour is the best strength of the Diary Movie Download film. The remainder of the screenplay is a wall worked around it to cover that 60 minutes.

The whole first half is loaded up with scenes that don’t do equity to the plot in any capacity. Moreover, it brings up a ton of issues and rationale infringement like ‘for what reason is this event so wrong’? However, this amounts to shock us. The most recent one hour of the Diary Movie Download film. In the primary half, Arulnidhi is given less scenes like a restricted version, however in the final part, he undermines.

He didn’t neglect to keep his typical presentation in this Diary Movie Download film like police cutting, grand endlessly non-verbal communication that doesn’t make him grin. Pavitra Marimuthu, who plays the debutant champion, succeeds in acting. Jayaprakash, Sara, Thanam and numerous others have given the vital execution for the person.


The sluggish unexpected developments at stretches, the final part contorts assist with hustling. Particularly the transport scenes completely draw in the crowd. How the current characters were associated with the past and the composing was inventive and profound made the Diary Movie Download film agreeable.

Cinematographer Arvind Singh catches the chilliness of Ooty and Mettupalayam and the savagery of the accident, particularly in the moving scenes inside the transport in the final part, with camera points. Music chief Ron Ethan Yohan’s experience score adds to the apprehension in the repulsiveness scenes. Generally speaking, the screenplay of the last couple of pages written in this ‘journal’ adds its weight.

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