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Major Movie Download Filmyzilla Review: The film begins on that dark night when terrorists attack Mumbai on 26/11, where Adivi Shesh aka NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan has such expressions on his face, in which he sees death in front of him. The Major Movie Download then goes into a flashback, where Major Sandeep’s childhood memories are shown. As a child, Sandeep is seen doing action flicks like Hollywood action hero Arnold. After the Navy Day celebration, Sandeep’s life changes completely.

They get to know what they want to do in their life. After this, the film is diverted to his high school days, where he meets Isha alias Sai Manjrekar, a Delhi girl, in the boys’ washroom. As soon as both of them meet, a teenage romance starts between them. On one hand Sandeep’s parents want their son to become a doctor or an engineer, but Sandeep decides to serve the country.

His parents try hard to convince Sandeep, but he sticks to his decision. He clears the exam and is appointed as the training officer of 51 Special Action Group of NSG. After winning a few wars, Sandeep prepares to deal with the 26/11 terror attack, where he sacrifices his life for the sake of his country.

MAJOR Movie Download in Hindi FilmyZilla 720p, 480p Leaked Online in HD Quality

Major depicts Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s life from his early years to his role as the commanding officer of Operation Black Tornado, which he and other Indian soldiers carried out on November 26, 2008, to save the lives of several hostages held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, during the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Instead than using cliched jingoistics, Shashi Kiran Tikka and Adivasi Shesh choose to present stories that are emotionally honest. Adivasi Shesh both directed and starred in the movie. Major premieres have been extremely popular and draw sizable crowds. The stakes have been increased even further for this biographical action drama by the freshly released trailer.

forthcoming Indian biographical action film significant is being made by Sony Pictures International Productions, G Mahesh Babu Entertainment, and A+S Movies under the direction of Shashi Kiran Tikka. Hindi and Telugu were used to film the scene simultaneously.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, an army officer who was killed in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, is the subject of the movie. In addition to creating the screenplay, Adivasi Shesh also stars as the title character in his first Hindi movie. Saiee Manjrekar, Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, Revathi, and Murali Sharma are also featured in the movie.

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The audience will remember Prakash Raj’s dynamic performance and Ravathi’s outstanding performance for a very long time after they leave the theatre. The biography Major is unlike any other, and it never once veers into didactic territory. Shashi Kiran Tikka made sure that the movie’s flow was very natural and that it accurately depicted Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.


The story of the Major Movie Download film begins with the life of a child who wants to do something for the country and has taken this decision in his childhood. Written and starring Telugu youth star Adivi Sesha in the lead, the film is definitely an honest tribute to Major Sandeep on how a soldier puts the nation above his family, love, and relationships. The Shashi Kiran Tikka directorial will leave you feeling emotional at the end.

Especially the second half of Mumbai’s Taj attack incident is very strong. Adivi Shesh’s hard work is clearly visible as a Major. He has lived them on screen with utmost seriousness. Many action sequences are superb under the direction of Sunil Rodrigues. That black night of 26 November 2008 was like a scary dream for the whole country, which they remember seeing on the screen. Vamsi Pachipulusu’s cinematography has to be praised for this.

Major Download Filmyzilla important Point

Directed bySashi Kiran Tikka
Written byAdivi Sesh
Dialogue byAbburi Ravi (Telugu)
Akshat Ajay Sharma (Hindi)
Produced byMahesh Babu
Anurag Reddy
Sharath Chandra
StarringAdivi Sesh
Prakash Raj
Sobhita Dhulipala
Saiee Manjrekar
Murali Sharma
Anish Kuruvilla
CinematographyVamsi Patchipulusu
Edited byVinay Kumar Sirigineedi
Kodati Pavan Kalyan
Music bySricharan Pakala
Sony Pictures International Productions
G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment
A+S Movies
Distributed bySony Pictures Releasing
Release dates24 May 2022 (limited release)
3 June 2022 (worldwide)
Running time149 minutes

Major Movie Download Filmyzilla Review

Major Movie Download Filmyzilla Review

You may have seen lakhs of heroes and their heroism on screen, but watching the story of real life superheroes who laid down their lives fighting for their country and people fills with a different emotional feeling and a sense of pride. The film Major (Major Movie Review), based on the life of 51 NSG brave jawan Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was martyred in the dreadful Mumbai attack of 26/11, also evokes a similar feeling.

The bravery of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who dreamed of joining the army and serving the country since childhood, his zeal to put the country on top and lay down his life while performing the duties of a true soldier gives goosebumps. Adivi Shesha’s name has not been as popular in Hindi-speaking states as it is known about the rest of the stars of Telugu cinema. But Adivi Shesh is in the lead role and leaves a mark in uniform.

People know all the stories of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. Many web series, films and documentaries have been made on this incident, but Sandeep Unnikrishnan was the first commando of the National Security Guard (NSG) who was martyred in the attack on the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai. Adivi Shesh has kept Sandeep’s story focused on his life rather than his martyrdom.

For the first time in America, Adivi saw Sandeep’s photo and found his face exactly like his own, which sparked his interest in the story. For a decade and a half, this story remained hidden in his chest and now it has reached the screen in the form of the film ‘Major’.


There is a lot of room for improvement in the first half of the Major Movie Download film. This part proves insufficient to show the broad personality of the Major, his journey from joining the Army to becoming a Major. It focuses on Major Sandeep’s childhood, relationship with mother (Revati) and father (Prakash Raj), love for Isha (Sai ​​Manjrekar) in school, training in NDA. But the tales that are famous about Major’s passion for the army, such as he cut his hair army cut in class six, he was very active in the game.

After joining the army, he was a part of many missions like Operation Vijay, Operation Parakram, Operation Rakshak in Kargil before 26/11 Operation Black Tornado, which is not mentioned in the Major Movie Download. It could have been included as a reference. But the story fills all the shortcomings after reaching Mumbai. Apart from Adivi in ​​terms of acting, Prakash Raj and Revathi impress as Sandeep’s parents. At the same time, Sai and Shobhita also do justice to their characters. O Isha Achcha Ban Pada Hai is a song from the Major Movie Download. In such a situation, this film saluting Major Sandeep can definitely be seen once

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The film primarily focuses on the personal life of Sandeep Unnikrishnan, played by Adivasi Shesh, such as how dedicated he was to his nation since his childhood, and depicts the events of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in 2008.

To be honest, when I first heard that this film is going to be based on the events of 26/11 attacks, my expectations were a bit low as there are already many movies and series on the subject. What different thing are the makers going to show us now?? But when I saw the trailer my expectations got raised a bit and finally after watching the movie I can say it is all worth it. Watch the highlights and review of the film here.

MAJOR Movie Watch Online Dailymotion

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The story moves forward without any lag and some pretty smart screenplay and writing by Adivasi Shesh will surely grab the full attention of the viewers. While the young actor has done some impressive films in his career so far, Major definitely stands out as the best in his filmography.

Sricharan Pakala’s RR was also one of the highlights of the film, which took the viewing experience to a whole new level. This is undoubtedly the masterpiece of the composer, in which he was able to demonstrate his immense talent. While many are familiar with the ultimate sacrifice of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.

But the film is about much more than his military service. His motivation to join the Indian Army, his objectives, and his coming-of-age story were all masterfully portrayed.

Telugu Song Major Movie Download

1.“Hrudayama”Krishna Kanth, V.N.V. Ramesh KumarSid Sriram3:34
2.“Oh Isha”Rajiv BharadwajArmaan Malik, 
3.“Jana Gana Mana”Rajiv BharadwajTojan Toby4:04

Major Movie Download Hindi Song

1.“Saathiya”Ritesh RajwadaJaved Ali3:34
2.“Oh Isha”Poojan KohliArmaan Malik, Chinmayi3:06
3.“Jana Gana Mana”Yash EshwariAmit Mishra4:04

Malayalam song Major Movie Download

1.“Pon Malare”Sam Matthew ADAyraan3:38
2.“Oh Isha”Sam Matthew ADSooraj Santhosh, 
Yamini Ghantasala
3.“Jana Gana Mana”Sam Matthew ADTojan Toby, 
Sricharan Pakala

Also read…

Major Movie Download Filmyzilla story of youth, not of war

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s story is based on the moments that Adivi spent with Sandeep’s parents. Adivi says that it was his attempt to include those aspects of Sandeep’s life in this story that made him into a brave and country-loving military officer. The story itself has been prepared by Adivi after years of hard work. Director Shashi Kiran Tikka joined it later and both together took the film to this point where every Major Movie Download audience may not be eager to see it, but whoever read or heard about the film, found this effort of Adivi commendable.

The film ‘Major’ is not a war Major Movie Download, it is an emotional story, of a man who sacrificed his body for the country, although his mind remained emotional till his last moments. The story tells that even the toughest-looking military officers take decisions in critical moments not with the mind but with the heart.

Major Movie Download not perfect in script

The merits of the film ‘Major’ are also the constraints of its narration. Adivi and Shashi want to see the story of a martyr but they also want it not to look like a story of martyrdom. This hallucination-like effort does not allow the film to proceed in a certain direction before the interval. The Major Movie Download progresses piece by piece.

Military action is also visible. The story also returns home. Then he also takes his girlfriend along. Even the viewer does not know from the beginning that what he is going to see on the ticket bought in the name of the film ‘Major’? So the whole film becomes such an experience in which everything is seen and heard, but the audience also keeps drowning in the way of saying it.

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Emotion between courage and courage in Major Movie Download

But, the story of the film ‘Major’, its screenplay and its direction come in real color after the interval. And, the real tension of the film, or rather, the original narrative, is understandable here. And, that’s because the viewer is then in a familiar area. Terrorists have attacked Mumbai. No one knows how many people are trapped inside the hotel,

how many are in the possession of terrorists and where are the terrorists too? Adivi Shesh’s personal dedication to this film is visible here. His facial expressions look genuine and when it comes to action, he takes the audience along with him inside the hotel. It would not be wrong if the Major Movie Download is called a one man show of Adivi Shesh.

sai and sobhita weak links

Apart from Adivi Shesh, Prakash Raj and Revathi have performed amazingly in the rest of the cast of the film ‘Major’. Adivi Shesh has spent a lot of time with Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s parents and this hard work has also worked in the nuances of these two characters. Prakash Raj himself was familiar with Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s father, so this fact also helps in bringing his acting closer to reality.

Sai Manjrekar is once again in the wrong character. Although Adivi had told in the meeting in Hyderabad that he never tried to meet Sandeep’s friend, but still according to his research, this character shows strength. Saiee Manjrekar is not yet mature for such characters. Sobhita Dhulipala’s character hasn’t developed in a way that Sai misses to do well in a well-written character. Nothing came in his part in the Major Movie Download.


technologically rich Major Movie

There are many flaws in the direction of the film ‘Major’. Shashi Kiran Tikka seems to be totally engaged in dazzling Adivi Shesh in the film. Be it training or shedding sweat, her motive to make Adivi Shesh look beautiful on screen is stilted many times. Although he tries his best to keep the rest of the characters in focus, but his hands seem tied to the script of the film.

P Vamsi’s cinematography in the technical team does justice to the theme of the film. Editing by Vinay Kumar and K Pawan Kalyan is tight. The background music of the Major Movie Download is not too noisy and that is its achievement.

Major Movie का डाउनलोड लिंक देना भी एक अपराध है जिसके कारण इस Major Movie का डाउनलोड लिंक नहीं दे सकते। हमारा मकसद सिर्फ आपको Major Movie download का Review की जानकारी देना है Major Movie download को Piracy Sites द्वारा फिल्म को लीक करने के कारण फिल्म को काफी नुकसान होता है इसलिए हम आपसे भी अनुरोध करना चाहते है की ऐसे वेबसाइट से Major Movie download करने के बदले ऑफिसियल वेबसाइट में जा कर देखें।

Major Movie download link

see don’t see

For Hindi-speaking audiences, the film ‘Major’ gives a new perspective to a story of the Mumbai terror attack that they don’t know much about. The Major Movie Download is well made, if you start watching it, it also looks good, it is just to decide that what is your purpose of watching the film, entertainment or an unheard story? Is film close on the scale of cinema, on the scale of entertainment? Maybe not.


Adivi has appeared very confident on the rest of the screen. With his acting, he showed on the screen what the life of a soldier is like. Adivi has impressed everyone with his acting. Talking about Sai Manjrekar, his acting has appeared a bit weak in this film. She has been seen as the weakest link in this film.

Sai could not succeed in terms of dialogue delivery and emotion. Apart from this, when we talk about Prakash Raj and Revathi, both have once again proved that they are a great artist. At the same time, Murli Sharma and Shobhita Dhulipal have also done full justice to their character. If you are planning to watch this movie, then you must definitely go to the cinema hall.

Direction of Major Movie Download

Sashi Kiran Tikka has directed this film. He is a very good director of South and after this film his demand is sure to increase. Many people can learn from him how the Major Movie Download is directed. How is the story told? The mastery of sashi is visible in this. Somewhere the film is not drawn
Looks like Somewhere your connection does not break. You just go on feeling the film. In one scene, a romantic scene is shown in the bus in the rain. And seeing that, it seems that such romantic scenes can be shot.


What is the release date time of MAJOR Movie?

The release date time of MAJOR Movie is 3rd June 2022he too theaters in.

Who is the director of MAJOR Movie?

MAJOR Movie is the director of Sashi Kiran Tikka,

Can we sit and watch MAJOR Movie with our family?

Yes, if you want, we can sit and watch MAJOR Movie with our family.

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