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IRCTC IPO share: Established in 1999, the state-owned Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Indian Railways. IRCTC handles tourism, catering, online ticket booking services and provides packaged drinking water at trains and railway stations in the country. As you all know, IPO is very special for every company and IPO is very important for people who invest in the stock market more than companies. it IPO is the biggest IPO of this company because the government is planning to collect Rs 645 crore through this IPO.

Let us tell you that in IRCTC IPO, the government had sold 2,01,60,000 shares, at the time when irctc IPO shares were launched, the value of IRCTC shares was fixed between ₹ 315 to ₹ 320. And in this IPO, people could buy only 40 shares at a time. irctc IPO started on 30th September 2019 and lasted till 3rd October 2019. When this IPO was launched, the public gave a very good response to it in the stock market. Because this IPO was such at that time which would have given benefits in short term as well as long term. Also, being a government share, people bought a lot of its shares.

Can I buy IRCTC IPO share?

If you now want to buy shares of IRCTC company in IRCTC IPO, then before that let us tell you that now IRCTC company is doing ticket booking, catering, delivering water of Neil company and planning for travelling and tourism.

IRCTC Service is not Available 2023

And as we have said that IPO i.e. initial public offering, any company launches at a certain time and at that time IPO continues for some time only.

Because as soon as the time of IPO is over, the share price of the company which was fixed earlier in the IPO starts decreasing. If you are thinking that you will buy IRCTC shares at the price of its IPO in December 2021, then this may not happen.

Because IRCTC IPO was closed in 2019 itself, after that the price of IRCTC shares started increasing and currently its price is around 839.75. This means that if you go to buy this share now, then you will not get ₹ 320 but 839.75. Will have to pay Rs, which is much more than the price of its IPO.

Why was IRCTC IPO successful?

Investing in such a company about which you are aware is a very big mantra to rule the world of investing and those who know this mantra are the only people who make a splash in the investing world.

IRCTC is a government company that has its own monopoly on booking railway tickets. This is a business that most Indian people know about and especially those who invest in companies.

This is the reason that when the IPO of IRCTC company was launched, at that time people bought shares under this IPO in such huge numbers. Because of this, IRCTC IPO got so much success.

Another reason behind the success of IRCTC IPO is that the prices of these shares were such that they were ready to give benefits to the investors in the short term as well as in the long term and those who bought the IPO for the short term. They also benefited and those who kept IRCTC IPO for long term benefited a lot.

When was IRCTC IPO launched?

IRCTC IPO was launched in the stock market on the day of 14 October 2019 and when the IPO was launched, it covered the entire market, it seemed as if the whole market is waiting for the arrival of this IPO. At the time of the IRCTC IPO launch, the government was thinking of collecting only Rs 645 crores, but when this IPO was launched, the government got more subscriptions because, at the time of the launch of the IRCTC IPO, it was believed that everyone should know about this. It is known that they will get profit by buying IRCTC IPO.

That’s why most of the people bought the shares of IRCTC company for ₹ 320 at the time of IPO and now those people are getting 3 times more profit or say 213% profit.

How can I buy a railway IPO?

For your information, let us tell you that at present IRCTC IPO has been closed, that is why you cannot buy Railway IPO right now. IRCTC IPO was also launched in the year 2020 but now the time period has also been completed. You can buy the IPO using any online payment application. But till then you will have to wait for the IRCTC IPO to come out afresh.

The face value of the share price of any company is the price at which the company issues its shares, that is, it is the price of the share issued by the company in the beginning and after that, the price of the share automatically fluctuates up and down. Keeps increasing. When the share of this company was first issued then its price was ₹ 2 but today if you check IRCTC share price, then according to NSE the price of this share is around Rs 839.75.


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